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Meets some gorgeous, friendly goats and talk to the goat gurus from the Isle of Wight Goat Club.

You can:

  • Watch hand milking demonstrations.
  • Find out about the health benefits of goats milk (eg it can help to alleviate eczema).
  • Ask questions about goats and how to care for them.

Simone Dicken from the Isle of Wight Goat Club commented: “You should always try and keep at least two goats, as they are herd animals and like to have friends around them. The Isle of Wight Goat Club can advise you on which goats to get. You will need to decide if you are going to keep a dairy goat (to produce milk), a goat for meat (Boer), a goat for its fibre (Angora goats), or just as a pet in which case you might get a neutered (castrated) male called a ‘wether’, or a pygmy goat.”

“A good milking goat may produce a gallon of milk a day, for the first few months after kidding, and around four pints a day in the winter – some even more! Some goats will produce milk even without having a kid (called ‘a maiden milker’). Goats milk is a substitute for those with an intolerance to cows milk, as it’s lower in Lactose, has easily digestible fats and proteins, and it’s packed with vitamins.”

The National Farmers’ Union sponsor the livestock section.  Cedar Vets sponsor the Livestock Demonstration Area.
This section is also supported by Green, Roberts & Butler, the Carisbrooke Vets; and the Isle of Wight Goat Club. 


June 30, 2019
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Cattle, Sheep and Goats & Livestock Demo Area